This Day in Failure: September 8

2010: John Lindsey (Los Angeles Dodgers) appears in his first major league baseball game, setting a record for the longest minor-league apprenticeship—more than sixteen years—before making it to the big leagues. Lindsey had been drafted in the thirteenth round of the June 1995 MLB draft by the Colorado Rockies.

2008: Shares of United Airlines parent UAL plunge 76 percent before closing down 11 percent for the day after a six-year-old Chicago Tribune article on the carrier’s 2002 bankruptcy filing is mistakenly posted online by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel and subsequently distributed by Income Securities Advisors of Miami Lakes, Florida.

1999: Urban climber Alain Robert (a.k.a. the French Spiderman) has to be rescued by firemen while attempting to free-climb the 360-foot-high Grande Arch de la Défense (Paris). It marks the first time in Robert’s career he has to be rescued while attempting to scale a skyscraper or other tall man-made structure.

1998: St. Louis Cardinals slugger Mark “Big Mac” McGwire hits his 62nd home run of the year, breaking Roger Maris’ record for most home runs in a single season. He goes on to hit 70 home runs, but allegations that he utilized performance-enhancing substances cause many to question the legitimacy of his accomplishments.

1994: A U.S. Airways Boeing 737-300 en route from Chicago to Pittsburgh goes into a near vertical dive and crashes six miles from Pittsburgh International Airport, killing 132 people. The probable cause of the accident is attributed to sudden malfunction of the plane’s rudder system.

1985: Chicago Cubs pitcher Steve Trout misses his scheduled start against the Cincinnati Reds, claiming that he is injured as a result of a fall off a stationary bicycle. Rookie right-hander Reggie Patterson fills in for Trout and allows the hit on which Pete Rose ties Ty Cobb’s all-time hits record.

1900: A Category 4 hurricane rips through Galveston, Texas, killing upwards of 8,000 people. After the hurricane, a large seawall is constructed to protect Galveston from flooding.