This Day in Failure: September 27

2009: The Detroit Lions defeat the Washington Redskins 19-14, ending the team's 19-game losing streak. The Lions had not won since December 23, 2007, their skid matching the second-longest in NFL history.

2008: During the third round of the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club in Atlanta, pro golfer Anthony Kim, 23, strikes a spectator in the head with his tee shot on the ninth hole, a 600-hundred-yard par five. The impact leaves David Whitfield, 48, with a bleeding, crater-like indentation in his forehead. Kim autographs a golf ball for Whitfield (“sorry”) before the victim is whisked off to a local hospital, where he receives good news—a negative CT scan.

2002: A futuristic three-car “AirTrain”—the precursor of a $1.9 billion automated light-rail system expected to carry millions of travelers to and from New York’s Kennedy International Airport—derails during a test run and slams into a concrete retaining wall, fatally injuring the train’s operator.

1986: Metallica bassist Cliff Burton is killed when the band’s tour bus skids off an icy road in Sweden. The 24-year-old is thrown through the window of his sleeping bunk prior to impact and found pinned beneath the bus, which landed on its side.

1854: The luxury ship Artic slams into the steamer ship Vesta off the coast of Newfoundland after encountering heavy fog. The accident is attributed to the Artic’s captain, James Luce, who fails to take appropriate safety measures for dealing with fog. Then, after discovering that the Artic is mortally damaged he attempts to beach the vessel, running over several lifeboats in the process. Three-hundred and twenty-two people are killed in the accident.