This Day in Failure: September 16

Nayv  Football
Jersey fail: Nayv placekicker Matthew Harmon.

2011: Veteran Hollywood stunt pilot Jimmy Leeward, 74, loses control of his World War II-era P-51 Mustang fighter plane and crashes at the edge of the crowded grandstand at the Reno Air Show in Reno, Nevada. Nine people are killed (including Leeward), and dozens more are injured by flying debris.

2006: Navy placekicker Matthew Harmon kicks a 30 yard field goal during a 37-9 victory at Stanford while sporting a “Nayv” jersey.

1997: After serving as an adviser for a year, former CEO Steve Jobs returns to Apple Computer as interim president to temporarily run the company he founded. Jobs brings the company back from dire financial straits by introducing new products like the iMac.