This Day in Failure: September 15

2008: During the second quarter of a Monday Night Football game against the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver DeSean Jackson catches a 60-yard pass from quarterback Donovan McNabb, then deliberately tosses the football backwards just prior to crossing the goal line. Luckily for Jackson, the Eagles are awarded the ball at the Cowboys’ 1-yard line, and ultimately score a touchdown on the next play.

2003: College student Nathaniel Heatwole, 20, e-mails the Transportation Security Administration, providing a detailed account of how he smuggled box cutters, bleach and other potential weapons onto U.S. passenger jets. The message is ignored until October 16, when some of the items are discovered on two different Southwest Airlines planes.

2003: The Women’s United Soccer Association (WUSA) suspends operations after just three seasons, a victim of weak corporate support, miniscule television ratings and decidedly modest attendance figures. The announcement comes just five days before the start of the Women’s World Cup tournament.

2001: Four barges and a tugboat hit the Queen Isabella Causeway—the only bridge to South Padre Island, Texas—killing eight people.

1958: A commuter train plunges off a drawbridge into Newark Bay in New Jersey after its crew disregards warning lights that indicate the span had been raised to allow passage of a large freighter. Forty-seven passengers drown in the Bay, and 48 more are injured.