This Day in Failure: October 9

2008: General Motors Corp. shares fall 31.11 percent and close at $4.76 on the New York Stock Exchange, the stock’s lowest level since 1950. At one point during the day, GM shares trade at $4.65, reducing the company’s market capitalization to its lowest level since 1929.

2005: Christina Goodenow of White City, Oregon, buys a winning Oregon Lottery ticket with a stolen credit card. Police discover the theft after Goodenow collects $33,500 of her $1 million in winnings.

2003: Jacksonville Jaguars punter Chris Hanson gashes his right leg with an ax while chopping wood in the team’s locker room. The wood and the ax had been placed in the room at the behest of head coach Jack Del Rio, who was using the mantra “keep chopping wood” to inspire his players after a 0-3 start. Hanson’s injury requires emergency surgery and ends his season. In June of 2002, Hanson, his wife, and former Jaguars placekicker Jaret Holmes were severely burned at Hanson’s house when a fondue pot overturned.

1963: A landslide causes a massive wave to overwhelm northern Italy’s Vajont Dam, which had been completed just two years earlier. While the dam survives largely intact, the megatsunami destroys seven towns and villages (both upstream and downstream) and kills more than 2,000 people.

1919: The Cincinnati Reds win the World Series over the Chicago White Sox. The win would later be tainted by the Black Sox scandal, when eight White Sox players are charged with throwing the series.