This Day in Failure: October 25

2018: The NFL fires down judge Hugo Cruz, the first time in the Super Bowl era that the NFL terminates an official during the regular season. The firing occurred after Cruz failed to flag San Diego Chargers left tackle Russell Okung for a false start on a play in which the Charges scored a touchdown.

2008: The Anchorage Daily News, the largest newspaper in the Republican-oriented state of Alaska, endorses Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama for president, in spite of the fact that Alaska’s governor, Sarah Palin, is the vice presidential candidate on the Republican ticket.

2008: It’s a grim day for college football fans in the Sunflower State. Kansas and Kansas State allow 63 and 58 points, respectively, with the Jayhawks losing to the Texas Tech Red Raiders 63-21, and the Wildcats falling to the Oklahoma Sooners 58-35.

2008: In his first appearance for a college football team, walk-on placekicker Matt Williams (So.) converts nine of nine extra-point attempts for Texas Tech during a 63-21 blowout win over the Kansas Jayhawks. Williams had created the opportunity to kick for the Red Raiders by coming out of the stands and making a 30-yard-field goal at halftime of Tech’s month-earlier home game against Massachusetts, an effort that won him a free year’s rent in a contest sponsored by Lynwood Townhomes, a Lubbock, Texas apartment complex. The contest-winning field goal attracted the attention of Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach, who had become disenchanted with the kickers on his roster—scholarship players who had seven kicks blocked during the Red Raiders’ first seven games of the season.

2000: A Russian Ilyushin-18 military jet crashes into a mountain several miles from Batumi Airport in Georgia after its pilots make a navigational error. All eleven crew members and 72 soliders on board are killed instantly as the plane explodes in a massive fireball.

1999: Golfer Payne Stewart and five others are killed when their Learjet 35 crashes near Mina, South Dakota. After the plane suffers a loss of cabin pressure—rendering everyone aboard unconscious—the jet flies for four hours on autopilot before running out of fuel and plunging to the ground.

1964: During a game against the San Francisco 49ers, defensive end Jim Marshall of the Minnesota Vikings scoops up a fumble and rumbles 66 yards into the end zone—the wrong end zone. Believing he scored a touchdown, Marshall hurls the ball into the crowd, and the 49ers are awarded two points for a safety. The Vikings go on to win anyway, 27-22.