This Day in Failure: October 24

2006: An attentive Arizona citizen notices a typographical error on the state’s Nov. 7, 2006 election ballot, which asks voters to consider a Proposition providing for an eighth-of-a-cent per pack tax on cigarettes instead of the intended eighty cents per pack. The difference in tax revenue between the two figures? An estimated $186 million.

1947: Two rush-hour commuter trains collide in South Croydon, England, killing 32 people and injuring 183 others. The accident is attributed to heavy fog and a mistake by a signalman.

1901: Believing that a Niagara Falls stunt would make her wealthy, an impoverished Annie Edson Taylor, 63, goes over Niagara's Horseshoe Falls in an oak barrel—and lives to tell. But her get-rich-scheme fails miserably as her manager steals her barrel, hires a young sexpot to play her, and takes the Annie Taylor Show on the road without her. Taylor dies penniless on the streets of Niagara Falls.

1795: The country known as Poland ceases to exist as the last of its territories is divided between Austria, Prussia and Russia. Poland regains its independence in 1918, but is divided again, this time between Germany and Russia, in 1939.