This Day in Failure: October 21

2000: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) nabs New Jersey teenager, Jonathan G. Lebed, for using the Internet to manipulate small stocks, reaping $272,826. It’s the first time the SEC prosecutes a minor for stock fraud.

1988: A Federal grand jury indicts former Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos and his wife, Imelda, on fraud and racketeering charges. Imelda is acquitted in 1990 while Ferdinand dies prior to trial.

1966: An avalanche of ash, coal waste and sludge buries an elementary school and several homes in Aberfan, Wales, killing 148 people, mostly young children. The avalanche occurs when a 700-foot-high tip (a dump for mine refuse) at the Merthyr Vale Colliery collapses and the contents of the mine barrell down a hillside into the village below.