This Day in Failure: October 19

2005: A block of four 1918 U.S. airmail stamps—all with the image of a Curtiss JN-4 biplane erroneously pictured upside down—is auctioned for $2,970,000, a world record for a stamp item. Total face value of the four stamps: 96 cents.

1982: Automobile executive John DeLorean is arrested following an FBI sting operation on charges of drug trafficking and racketeering. Two years later DeLorean would be acquitted after it is ruled he was a victim of entrapment.

1915: Sixteen men are killed in Butte, Montana’s Granite Mountain Mine, one of two major hard-rock mining disasters that occurred in Butte during World War I. On June 8, 1917, at least 167 men died in the Granite Mountain-Speculator Fire, the worst hard-rock mining disaster in U.S. history.