This Day in Failure: October 14

2003: Chicago Cubs fan, Steve Bartman, 26, attempts to catch a foul pop-up during game six of the National League Championship series at Wrigley Field, preventing Cubs outfielder Moises Alou from catching the ball. The non-out plays a key role in an 8-run eighth inning rally by the visiting Florida Marlins, who post a come-from-behind 8-3 win, tying the series at three games apiece. Hartman is escorted from the stadium by security guards after being pelted by debris and threatened by angry fans. The Cubs go on to lose game seven by a score of 9-6, continuing the team’s 95-year championship drought.

2001: New York Jets safety Damien Robinson is arrested for possession of an assault rifle and three high-capacity magazines in the parking lot of Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, prior to a game against the Miami Dolphins. Police allow Robinson to play in the contest (won by the Jets) before announcing the arrest. Robinson is subsequently fined one week’s pay ($30,000) by the team.

1913: Four hundred and thirty-nine miners die in a massive coal-mine explosion at the Sengenhydd Colliery, located approximately eight miles from Cardiff in Wales.

1899: Literary Digest declares that the ‘horseless carriage’ is strictly a novelty item for the wealthy and predicts that the automobile will never become as common as the bicycle. By 1910, Henry Ford develops innovative production techniques and introduces the Model T, making the automobile affordable for the masses.