This Day in Failure: October 13

2017: President Donald Trump, discussing his tour of hurricane-slammed parts of the U.S. at the Values Voter Summit, says, “I [recently] met with the President of the Virgin Islands.” While the U.S. territory’s legislature does have a President, Trump was referring to Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp, with whom he met earlier in the month. A day earlier Energy Secretary Rick Perry referred to Puerto Rico as its own country. (Puerto Rico is also a U.S. territory.)

1977: A Lufthansa airliner en route to Somalia is hijacked by four Palestinians demanding the release of eleven imprisoned terrorists from a group known as the Red Army Faction. The hijackers would assassinate the plane’s pilot before being killed themselves by German special forces. When the RAF prisoners back in Germany learn of the failed mission, they respond by committing suicide.

1972: An Ilyushin-62 jet en route from Leningrad to Moscow makes four attempts to land at Moscow’s Sheremetevo Airport, each of the first three attempts aborted due to drastically limited visibility caused by heavy rain. On the fourth approach, the pilot brings the plane down in the village of Kranaya Polyana (three miles from the airport), and subsequently loses control of the aircraft. The resulting crash and explosion kills everyone on board, as well as several individuals on the ground, a total of 176 people.