This Day in Failure: October 12

2008: Detroit Lions quarterback Dan Orlovsky, making his first NFL start, accidentally runs out of the back of his own end zone during a first quarter pass play, giving the Minnesota Vikings a 2-0 lead. “When they started blowing the whistle, I was like, ‘Did we false start or were they offsides or something?’” says Orlovsky after the game. “And I looked [down], and I was just like, ‘You're an idiot.’” The safety proves to be the margin of defeat for the Lions, who lose the game 12-10 and fall to 0-5 on the season, the eighth time in 75 years that the organization starts a season 0-5.

1997: Singer/songwriter John Denver, 53, is killed when the Long-EZ experimental plane he is piloting crashes off the coast of Monterey, California. The National Transportation Safety Board reports that a fuel tank switch might have been a factor in the crash.