This Day in Failure: November 5

2008: University of Texas sophomore offensive lineman Buck Burnette is kicked off the Texas Longhorns football team in response to racist comments he posted on his Facebook page relating to Barack Obama’s day-earlier victory in the U.S. presidential election.

1995: More than 340 geese die after stopping to eat, drink, and rest at The Berkeley Pit, an abandoned open pit copper mine in Butte, Montana, that is filled with an estimated forty billion gallons of acidic, metal-contaminated water. The incident provides tangible evidence of how dangerous it can be to drink Berkeley Pit water, which is contaminated with high concentrations of metal sulfates, including iron, copper, aluminum, and zinc.

1912: Republican incumbent William Howard Taft receives only eight electoral votes versus the 435 captured by a victorious Woodrow Wilson. Progressive candidate Theodore Roosevelt receives 28 electoral votes, making it the only presidential election in U.S. history where two former presidents are defeated in the same race.