This Day in Failure: November 30

2009: Keith Ballard, defenseman for the NHL’s Florida Panthers, swings his stick in frustration after Ilya Kovalchuk of the Atlanta Thrashers scores a goal on Panthers’ goalie Tomas Vokoun during the first period of a game between the two teams. In the process, Ballard accidentally slashes Vokoun on the side of the head. Vokoun leaves the ice on a stretcher and is treated at an Atlanta hospital for lacerations to his left ear.

1954: An Alabama woman becomes the first person in modern times to be struck by a meteorite when one crashes through the roof of her Sylacauga home and strikes her on the hip. Mrs. Elizabeth Hodges, who was asleep at the time of impact, suffers minor injuries (a grisly-looking bruise) to her leg. The sulfide meteorite measured seven inches long and weighed 8.5 pounds.