This Day in Failure: November 29

2015: The NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers lose to the Memphis Grizzlies 92-84, sending the 76ers to a record-tying 18th straight loss to begin a season. Philadelphia’s 0-18 start matches the New Jersey Nets’ start in 2009. The defeat also extends Philadelphia’s record for the longest losing streak in U.S. professional sports history to 28 games.

2009: The New Jersey Nets are defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers 106-87, tying the NBA record for most consecutive losses to start a season (17). The Nets fire head coach Lawrence Frank prior to the game, naming assistant coach Tom Barrise as Frank’s temporary replacement.

1966: The 603-foot ore carrier Daniel J. Morrell breaks apart and sinks during a storm on Lake Huron, killing 28 crew members. Four men make it to a life raft, but only one—Dennis Hale, a twenty-six-year-old deckhand—survives.

1864: U.S. Army soldiers massacre over 400 Cheyenne Indians in a dawn attack at Sand Creek in the Colorado territory. Under the order of Major John Chivington to “take no prisoners,” soldiers descend on the Indian encampment comprised mostly of women, children and old men. Rumors of drunken soldiers killing noncombative women and children soon surface and Congress threatens Chivington with a court martial and orders a formal investigation.