This Day in Failure: November 26

2008: American Jewish leaders receive an invitation to a White House Hanukkah reception that bears an image of a horse drawn cart carrying the White House Christmas tree, with a Christmas wreath-adorned White House in the background. Laura Bush’s press secretary, Sally McDonough, attributes the inappropriate invites to a “staff mistake” in not printing separate cards for different White House holiday events, as is customary. The replacement cards, featuring a menorah given to the White House during Harry Truman’s presidency, are mailed out on this day.

1983: A Brinks Mat Ltd. vault at London’s Heathrow Airport is robbed by a group of gunmen who escape with 6,800 gold bars. Only a fraction of the gold is ever recovered and only two men are convicted of the crime.

1975: Saddled with a billion dollar deficit and teetering on the edge of financial collapse, New York City accepts a $2.3 billion federal bailout from president Gerald Ford.