This Day in Failure: November 25

2008: Loyola (Maryland’s) men’s basketball team holds Stephen Curry (the nation’s leading scorer at 35 ppg) scoreless by utilizing an unorthodox strategy that involves religiously double-teaming the Davidson University star for the duration of a game between the two teams. Curry combats this extreme triangle-and-2 defense by retreating into a corner and then throwing the ball out to his teammates, repeatedly setting up 4-on-3 possessions that lead to an easy 78-48 victory. Davidson University fans boo Loyola coach Jimmy Patsos for employing the bizarre defense, especially after he continues utilizing it long after the outcome had been decided. “We had to play against an NBA player tonight,” explains Patsos after the game. “Anybody else ever hold him scoreless? I’m a history major. Are people going to remember that we held him scoreless or that we lost by 30?”

1993: With just seconds to go in a snowy Thanksgiving Day NFL game at Texas Stadium, the Dallas Cowboys block a 41-yard field goal attempt by the Miami Dolphins, seemingly assuring a one-point victory for the Cowboys. Yet, Dallas defensive lineman Leon Lett makes the mistake of touching the ball before the whistle is blown and then fails to control the “muff,” enabling the Dolphins to take possession and attempt another field goal. The second attempt is successful and the Dolphins win 16-14.

1986: Attorney General Edwin Meese III reveals that the U.S. has been illegally selling arms to Iran with the proceeds being used to support the Contras’ guerrilla war against Nicaragua’s Communist government.

1947: At a meeting in New York, movie studio executives agree to blacklist the “Hollywood Ten”—ten producers, directors and screenwriters who previously had been jailed for contempt of Congress when they refused to cooperate with the House Un-American Activities Committee.