This Day in Failure: May 5

2009: An employee at Westpac bank in New Zealand mistakenly transfers $6.1 million (instead of the requested $61,000) into the account of Leo Gao and his girlfriend Cara Young. Within days the couple unlawfully withdraws $4.1 million and goes missing. They are presumed to have fled the country.

2000: A computer virus nicknamed the “Love Bug” cripples e-mail systems around the world, infecting more than a million computers. The virus is later traced to a 23-year-old in the Philippines.

1994: American Michael Fay is caned in Singapore as punishment for vandalism. He receives four lashes.

1990: Jesse Tafero is executed in Florida, but only after his electric chair malfunctions three times, causing flames to leap from his head.

1925: John Scopes is arrested for teaching Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.