This Day in Failure: May 30

2008: A Grupo Taca Airbus A320 with 140 people on board overshoots a runway at Toncontin International Airport in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, and races onto a busy street before slamming into an embankment. The pilot, two passengers and a motorist on the ground are killed and 65 passengers are injured.

2008: The boom of a construction crane snaps off its turntable and the falling cab and boom slam into the corner of a 23-story building at 91st Street and 1st Avenue in Manhattan before plummeting to the street below. Two construction workers are killed in the accident.

2002: While descending from the summit of Oregon’s Mount Hood, nine American mountaineers fall into a horizontal crevasse at an altitude of 10,700 feet. Three climbers are killed and three are seriously injured in the accident. During the rescue attempt an Air Force Reserve Pave Hawk helicopter loses lift and crashes into the slope, rolling over eight times before coming to a rest 200 feet below the impact site. Remarkably, only one crew member is critically injured.

1997: Jonathan Levin, a 31-year-old English teacher, is tortured, stabbed and shot to death in his New York apartment by former student Corey Arthur and an accomplice.

1883: A rumor that the Brooklyn Bridge is collapsing starts a stampede that ends with 12 people trampled.