This Day in Failure: May 27

2008: In North Battleford, Saskatchewan, French skydiver Michel Fournier, 64, misses out on a chance to set a new free-fall record when his $200,000-plus helium balloon detaches from his capsule and drifts away without him. Fournier had planned to jump from 130,000 feet, thereby breaking the record for the fastest and longest free fall, the highest parachute jump and the highest balloon flight.

1991: Rodney McCray, a minor league outfielder for the Vancouver Canadians, crashes through the plywood right-field fence at Civic Stadium (Portland, Oregon) while attempting to catch a fly ball hit by Chip Hale. Today, the incident is considered one of the ten most infamous sports bloopers all-time.

1986: The Boston Red Sox are leading the Cleveland Indians 2-1 in the bottom of the sixth inning at Cleveland’s Municipal Stadium when a fog rolls in from Lake Erie and the game is called. “That’s what you get when you build a ballpark by the ocean,” says Red Sox pitcher Dennis ‘Oil Can’ Boyd.