This Day in Failure: May 23

2009: Three people are critically injured and eight others hurt when two school buses racing figure eights on a track at Columbus Motor Speedway collide and crash into a concrete restraining wall, sending pieces of concrete into the crowd. The accident comes little more than a month after a platform collapsed at the speedway, injuring six spectators.

2004: A large portion of the vaulted roof of Terminal 2E at Charles de Gaulle airport collapses, killing four people, injuring three others, and crushing several parked cars. Construction of the 11-month-old terminal had been delayed on several occasions due to safety concerns related to the design of the structure.

1960: A tsunami caused by an 8.5-magnitude earthquake off the coast of Chile kills 61 people in Hilo, Hawaii. Ironically, the Pacific Tsunami Warning System works properly and warnings are issued six hours before the wave’s arrival. Yet some islanders choose to ignore the warning and head for the coast to view the 35-foot wave.