This Day in Failure: May 12

2009: A wheel from the landing gear of a Colgan Airlines passenger plane falls off and rolls away as the Q400 Bombardier turboprop (Flight 3268) is landing in Buffalo, New York. Exactly three months earlier, Colgan Flight 3407—which involved the same type of plane, flying the same route (Newark to Buffalo)—crashed upon approach to the same airport (Buffalo Niagara International Airport), killing all 49 people on board and one person on the ground.

2004: The Boston Globe publishes a photo portraying Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner and activist Sadiki Kambon displaying graphic photos of alleged sexual abuse of Iraqi women by U.S. soldiers. The photos turn out to be staged shots from a hardcore porn Web site.

1982: Braniff Airlines ceases operations becoming the first U.S. airline to fail under bankruptcy protection. Later attempts to revive the once-proud airline are unsuccessful and Braniff's last incarnation is as a charter carrier from 1991-92.

1969: Chevrolet announces that it will no longer manufacture the Corvair, which had come under fire from consumer advocate Ralph Nader and had a reputation for poor safety.