This Day in Failure: March 6

2020: “Let me tell you something, this virus should be compared to the flu, ’cause at worst, at worst, worst-case scenario, it could be the flu.”
—Dr. Marc Siegel, Fox News Medical Contributor

Within a month, there are more cases of coronavirus in the U.S.—and more deaths from COVID-19—than anywhere else in the world.

2020: “You have to be calm. It will go away.”

—U.S. President Donald Trump, seeking to downplay the threat of COVID-19

2004: During a 97-66 loss to the Detroit Pistons, the Denver Nuggets fail to have a single player score in double figures. It is the first time since the advent of the shot clock in 1954-55 that no member of an NBA team scores at least 10 points.

1987: The British car ferry Herald of Free Enterprise departs from the Belgian port of Zeebrugge with its bow doors open, allowing water to pour into the car deck and causing the ship to capsize just a mile from port. Upwards of 200 passengers and crew are killed (most from exposure to the frigid water), making it the worst peacetime disaster for a British vessel since the Titanic.