This Day in Failure: March 5

2019: A mash tank fails—and two others leak—at Barton 1792 distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky, injuring two people. Upwards of 120,000 gallons of fermented mash is spilled, some of it into the nearby Beech Fork River. It’s the same distillery where a bourbon warehouse collapsed on June 22, 2018, a building that had been filled with upwards of 18,000 barrels of bourbon.

2009: During an emotional senior night, University of Oklahoma center Courtney Paris guarantees that the Oklahoma women’s basketball team will win a national championship, promising that she will repay her entire four-year athletic scholarship—covering the cost of tuition, fees, room, board and books—if her team fails to finish first among 64 teams in the 2009 NCAA tournament. On April 5, Oklahoma is upset by Louisville in the national semifinal 61-59, ending Paris’ career without a national title.

2009: The 44-year-old Connecticut School of Broadcasting—a private broadcasting school with 26 campuses in 16 states—abruptly shuts down, blaming its financial woes on a tightening of the student loan market.

1993: Canadian sprinter Ben Johnson is banned from racing by the Amateur Athletic Association after testing positive for performance-enhancing substances for a second time. Johnson first tested positive at the 1988 summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.

1966: In order to give passengers a better view of Japan’s most famous mountain, the pilot of a British Overseas Airways Boeing 707-436 alters the flight plan to pass directly over Mt. Fuji. The plane breaks apart in mid-air after encountering severe turbulence caused by winds “boiling over” the mountain, killing all 124 passengers.