This Day in Failure: March 26

2009: Peter Stenzel, 52, a Calgary Flames fan living in Columbus, Ohio, is arrested and charged with inducing panic and menacing after making three threatening phone calls to the NHL’s Columbus Blue Jackets during a game between the two teams at Nationwide Arena in Columbus. Stenzel twice threatens to shoot Blue Jackets’ rookie goaltender Steve Mason, and also threatens to bomb the arena. But police obtain Stenzel’s phone number from caller ID, and when special duty officers arrive at his residence, they find him wearing a Calgary Flames T-shirt. Columbus goes on to defeat Calgary, 5-0.

2007: Time Inc. shuts down Life magazine for the third time, citing the “decline in the newspaper business” and a poor advertising outlook. Launched in 1936, Life is suspended from regular publication in 1972, brought back in 1978, suspended again in 2002, and then revived in 2004.

1997: Police discover 39 bodies—all clad in matching dark clothes and Nike’s—inside a mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, California. All the victims are members of the Heaven’s Gate religious cult. They believed that by committing suicide they would be picked up by an alien spacecraft.