This Day in Failure: March 25

2020: KUOW radio Seattle makes an editorial decision to stop airing White House briefings on the coronavirus pandemic live, because “after airing the White House briefings live for two weeks, a pattern of false information and exaggeration increasingly had [us] questioning whether these briefings were in the best service of our mission—to create and serve a more informed public. Of even greater concerns was the potential impact of false information on the health and safety of our community.”

2020: In the midst of a worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, Luis Miguel Barbosa, the governor of the central Mexican state of Puebla, tells reporters that poor people “are immune” from the coronavirus. “The majority [of victims] are wealthy people, you know,” he says. “If you’re rich you’re at risk, but if you’re poor, no, well us poor, we are immune.”

1994: The last U.S. troops depart Somalia after a largely unsuccessful 15-month deployment, leaving a United Nations force to attempt to keep peace in the divided African nation.

1973: The NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers are defeated by the Detroit Pistons 115-96, capping a 9-73 season in which the Sixers finish 59 games behind the Atlantic Division champion Boston Celtics. During the 1972-73 season, Philadelphia endures losing streaks of 13, 14, 15 and 20 games.

1915: Twenty-one sailors are killed in the world’s first submarine disaster when a U.S. F-4 sinks off the coast of Hawaii.