This Day in Failure: March 11

2020: “We are responding with great speed and professionalism.”

—U.S. President Donald Trump, grading his administration’s response to the coronavirus 2019 outbreak. Two weeks later the U.S. surpasses China as the country with the most COVID-19 cases (81,332) in the world.

2002: The New York Yankees release outfielder Ruben Rivera after the team discovers that Rivera stole a glove from teammate Derek Jeter and sold it to a memorabilia agent for $2,500. Rivera receives a $200,000 settlement in lieu of his $1 million salary.

2002: Huffman Aviation, a flight school in Venice, Florida, receives letters from the Immigration and Naturalization Service indicating that two September 11 hijackers (Mohamed Atta and Marwan Al-Shehhi) had been approved for student visas.

1998: News reports indicate that Near-Earth Asteroid 1997XF11 might hit the earth on October 26, 2028. The next day NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab announces that the mile-wide asteroid will miss the planet by upwards of 600,000 miles and on March 14 the International Astronomical Union concurs that there is no chance that 1997XF11 will strike the earth in 2028.

1958: A B-47 en route from Georgia’s Hunter Air Force Base to an overseas base accidentally jettisons an unarmed nuclear weapon, which comes down in a sparsely populated area near Florence, South Carolina. The bomb’s high explosive detonates on impact, causing property damage and injuries on the ground.