This Day in Failure: June 29

2019: Speaking to reporters in Osaka, Japan, after the G-20 Summit, U.S. President Donald Trump confuses Western liberalism and west coast liberalism. When asked by The New York Times about Russian president Vladimir Putin’s comments about Western liberalism being “obsolete,” Trump begins talking about liberals living on the west coast of the United States, saying, “I don’t know what they're thinking, but when you look at Los Angeles, when you look at San Francisco, when you look at some of the other cities—and not a lot, not a lot--but you don’t want it to spread.”

2009: A 14-car freight train carrying liquefied petroleum gas from La Spezia to Pisa derails and explodes in the Tuscan seaside town of Viareggio, Italy, starting a fire that kills 22 people and injures more than 50 others.

2007: The National Football League folds its European league (NFL Europa) after 15 years of operation. The league had been losing approximately $30 million a season.

2006: Brian Kilmeade, co-host of both Brian & the Judge (radio) and Fox News & Friends (TV), recommends the U.S. government create an Office of Censorship to screen news reports to determine whether they “hurt the country” or are of “news value.”

2001: On the last trading day of the quarter, a computer command error at NASDAQ’s Trumbull, Connecticut, office abruptly shuts down two of the electronic stock market’s platforms for almost two hours.

1995: All five above-ground stories of the south wing of Seoul’s Sampoong Department Store collapse in less than 30 seconds, crushing the four basement floors under their weight. More than five-hundred people are killed and 937 injured, making this the worst peacetime disaster in South Korea’s history.

1967: Actress Jayne Mansfield and two other adults die when their Buick Electra is involved in a rear underride crash with a tractor-trailer near New Orleans, Louisiana. Three of Mansfield’s children, including three-year-old Mariska Margitay—who plays detective Olivia Benson on the television series Law & Order: Special Victims Unit—survive the accident.