This Day in Failure: June 28

2012: Fox News and CNN initially report that the Supreme Court (in a decision released on this day) declared the individual mandate provision of the Affordable Health Care Act unconstitutional. In fact, the court affirmed the constitutionality of the individual mandate. CNN blames the mistake on the Court’s “very large confusing opinion.” Fox claims that it “reported the facts, as they came in.”

1997: Evander Holyfield has part of an ear bitten off during a boxing match against Mike Tyson in Las Vegas, Nevada.

1992: Two major earthquakes strike California—a 7.3-magnitude quake in Landers, 100 miles east of Los Angeles, and a 6.3-magnitude tremor in Big Bear. Together the two earthquakes kill three people, injure 400 and cause $92 million in damage.

1983: A 100-foot section of Interstate 95's Mianus River Bridge (Greenwich, Connecticut) collapses, killing three people and critically injuring three others.