This Day in Failure: June 27

2003: Tommy Wiseau’s The Room has its world premiere at the Laemmle theater at Fairfax and Beverly in Los Angeles. The film earns a mere $1,800 at the box-office during its initial (two-week) run, but goes on to become a cult-favorite and a best-selling independent film, thanks in part to a curiosity-inducing Hollywood billboard. For more on The Room see: The Disaster Artist

2003: The Florida Marlins set a major league baseball record by allowing ten runs before retiring a batter in a game against the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park. The Marlins go on to lose the game 25-8, but not before pitcher Kevin Olsen is hit behind the right ear by a line drive off the bat of Boston’s Todd Walker. Olsen is on the ground for nine minutes before being taken off on a stretcher, and doesn’t pitch in a major league game for the rest of the season.

1990: A flaw is discovered on the main mirror of the Hubble telescope. In December of 1993, astronauts from the space shuttle Endeavor use corrective optics to fix the problem.