This Day in Failure: June 15

1969: During the second match of a three-game qualifying series, hostilities escalate between fans of Honduras and El Salvador, their national teams competing for a spot in the 1970 World Cup. The violence leads to the “futbol war,” a four-day-long conflict in July 1969, which disrupted relations between the two countries for over a decade.

1962: The New York Mets return catcher Harry Chiti to the Cleveland Indians less than two months after acquiring him from the Indians for cash and a “player to be named later.” In effect, Chiti is the first major league baseball player to be traded for himself.

1937: One of the greatest disasters in the history of Himalayan mountaineering takes place on Nanga Parbat (the ninth highest mountain in the world), when 16 climbers are entombed under 12 feet of snow and ice after a massive avalanche obliterates their dangerously exposed camp beneath Rakhiot Peak.

1904: A fire breaks out aboard the steamship General Slocum as it travels up New York City’s East River en route to Long Island Sound, the blaze engulfing the ship. Of the 1,300-plus passengers on board 1,021 perish in the disaster, with the majority of the deaths attributed to drowning.