This Day in Failure: July 4

2009: Four workers are killed when a truck carrying fireworks for a Fourth of July celebration explodes at Anchorage Marina in Ocracoke, North Carolina. The victims—employees of Melrose South Pyrotechnics near Rock Hill, South Carolina—were unloading the truck when the explosion occurred.

2009: A 90-foot-long pedestrian suspension bridge collapses in Merrillville, Indiana’s Hidden Lake Park following a Fourth of July fireworks celebration. Dozens of revelers plunge into the water below, injuring 25 people.

2002: Chicago investment tycoon, Steve Fossett, 58, completes the first solo flight around the world in a hot-air balloon. Bad weather and technical difficulties had denied Fossett the record in five previous attempts.

1826: John Adams and Thomas Jefferson—the second and third presidents of the United States, respectively—both die on this day.