This Day in Failure: July 29

1997: Minamata Bay in Japan is declared free of mercury more than 40 years after its contaminated fish were blamed for a high-incidence of deaths and birth defects.

1973: $180,000 is stolen from Led Zeppelin’s safe deposit box at the Drake Hotel in New York City.

1938: During a pregame interview on WGN Radio in Chicago, New York Yankees outfielder Jake Powell claims that he works as a policeman in the off-season (not true), and tells the interviewer, Bob Elson, that he stays in shape by hitting African-Americans (not the term he uses) over the head with his nightstick. Major League Baseball goes on to suspend Powell for ten days, making it the first time a major league player is suspended for making a racist remark.

1928: The New York Yankees allow 24 runs in a 24-6 loss to the Cleveland Indians at Dunn Field, the most runs allowed in a game in Yankees’ franchise history.