This Day in Failure: July 14

2011: Federal judge Reggie Walton abruptly declares a mistrial during the second day of Roger Clemens’ perjury trial after prosecutors allow jurors to hear information he had previously ruled off-limits. The collapse of the trial is a high-profile embarrassment for the Justice Department, which spent years assembling its case against the former major league pitcher. Clemens, 48, faced charges of perjury, obstruction of Congress and false statements.

2008: The International Criminal Court requests a warrant for the arrest of Omar Hassan al-Bashir, the president of Sudan, on charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. Since taking power nearly 20 years earlier, Bashir had overseen massive violence against his own people, with little personal consequence.

1981: The major league baseball All-Star game is postponed until August 9 because of a players strike.

1966: Eight student nurses at South Chicago Community Hospital are murdered by Richard Speck in what is dubbed “the crime of the century.” One survivor, Cora Amurao, provides the physical description that is instrumental in apprehending Speck.