This Day in Failure: July 12

2007: A bull simultaneously gores brothers Lawrence and Michael Lenahan during the annual running of the bulls festival in Pamplona, Spain. Lawrence, 26, is gored in the buttocks, while Michael, 23, suffers a leg injury.

1993: A 7.8 magnitude Hokkaido Nanseioko earthquake strikes off the coast of lightly populated Northern Japan, yet the tsunami caused by the quake still manages to kill 196 people.

1979: Forty-eight-thousand fans show up for a “Disco Demolition Night” promotion at Chicago’s Comiskey Park, which provides that anyone who arrives at the ballpark with a disco album shall be admitted to this day’s White Sox-Tigers doubleheader for 98 cents. After the Tigers win game 1, a dumpster containing all the collected records is placed in center field, at which time local radio DJ Steve Dahl proceeds to set off an explosion, sending shards of vinyl into the air and creating a hole in the outfield grass. Thousands of inebriated fans pour out of the stands and begin rioting, and the White Sox are forced to forfeit the second game. In the aftermath, White Sox manager Don Kessinger says, “We have found a lot of ways to lose games this year, but I guess we added a new wrinkle.”