This Day in Failure: January 9

1996: The expansion Toronto Raptors set an NBA record by failing to convert a single free-throw (0-for-3) during a 92-91 loss to the Charlotte Hornets.

1991: U.S. Secretary of State Baker and Iraqi foreign minister Aziz meet for six-and-a-half hours in Geneva, Switzerland, but fail to reach an agreement that would forestall the Persian Gulf war.

1986: The Eastman Kodak company is barred from selling its instant cameras by a Federal District Court. The injunction ends a protracted court battle in which Polariod charges Kodak with copying its patents. Related contentInstant History: The Decline of Polaroid

1977: The Oakland Raiders defeat the Minnesota Vikings 32-14 in Super Bowl XI, handing Minnesota its fourth Super Bowl loss (0-4) in 11 years.