This Day in Failure: January 8

2009: After patiently waiting in line behind other customers while wearing a ski mask, Feliks Goldshtein, 24, of Highland Heights, Ohio, uses a toy gun to rob a teller at a National City Bank in Stow, Ohio. Goldshtein is captured by police minutes after fleeing the scene, at which time the money, ski mask, and plastic toy gun are all recovered.

2007: The U.S. nuclear-powered submarine USS Newport News collides with the Japanese oil tanker Mogamigawa in the Straits of Hormuz, resulting in minor damage to both vessels.

2004: Cleveland resident Elecia Battle, 40, admits that she lied about losing the winning ticket for a $162 million lottery jackpot and drops her lawsuit to block payment of the 11-state Mega Millions prize after the ticket’s true owner comes forward to claim the money.

2002: Seven Russians reach the South Pole via a single-engine aircraft and wrongly claim to be the first to have accomplished that feat. Unable to take off in the subzero temperatures the team calls on the U.S. State Department, which arranges to airlift them to McMurdo Station. The bill for the rescue effort totals $56,000.

2000: The Buffalo Bills allow the Tennessee Titans to return a kickoff for a touchdown in the final seconds of an AFC Wild Card playoff game at Adelphia Coliseum in Nashville, giving the Titans a 22-16 victory. The trick play in question—involving a controversial lateral pass—is later dubbed the Music City Miracle.

1999: Two Salt Lake City Olympic Organizing Committee executives resign after it’s discovered that boosters paid cash to members of the International Olympic Committee.

1994: Tonya Harding wins the U.S. Figure Skating Championship in Detroit, Michigan, one day after Nancy Kerrigan drops out of the competition, the victim of a clubbing attack that injures her right knee. Harding would later be stripped of the title because of her involvement in the attack.

1945: Arkansas State sets an NCAA record for fewest points scored in a men’s basketball game, losing 75-6 at Kentucky. Temple ties the record in 1973, losing to Tennessee by an 11-6 margin.