This Day in Failure: January 3

2011: The pilot of a United Airlines 777 accidentally spills coffee on the aircraft’s radio equipment, causing distress signals to go out, including the code for hijacking or unlawful interference. As a result, Flight 940—carrying 241 passengers and 14 crew members from Chicago to Frankfurt—is diverted to Pearson International Airport in Toronto, where the plane makes an unscheduled stop.

1993: The Houston Oilers surge to a 35-3 third-quarter lead in an AFC Wildcard playoff game versus the Buffalo Bills, only to blow the lead and lose 41-38 in overtime, making this the greatest collapse in NFL post-season history.

1973: CBS sells Major League Baseball’s New York Yankees to a 12-man group of investors headed by George Steinbrenner for $10 million. In 2008, the Yankees franchise is valued by Forbes at $1.3 billion.