This Day in Failure: January 24

2009: Monster truck show promoter George Eisenhart, 41, is crushed to death after accidentally stepping in front of one of his trucks during a show in Madison, Wisconsin. Ironically, Eisenhart had touted the safety of his shows during a local television interview shortly before the event in question, saying: “This is our 16th year. I wish I had a big piece of wood to knock on right now, but we have not had an incident besides a gal slipping in an aisleway.”

1978: A nuclear powered satellite falls to earth, scattering radioactive debris over Canada.

1972: Shoichi Yokoi, a Japanese sergeant, is discovered hiding in a Guam jungle by local farmers, apparently unaware that World War II had ended twenty-eight years earlier. Yokoi, who was inadvertently left behind by retreating forces, went into hiding rather than surrender to American forces.

1961: A U.S. B-52 bomber suffers a structural failure of its right wing and breaks up in the air, dropping two 24-megaton nuclear bombs near Goldsboro, North Carolina. One bomb is undamaged, the other breaks apart upon impact. Three of the eight crewmembers are killed.

1939: A magnitude 8.3 earthquake strikes Chillan, Chile, killing 28,000 people.