This Day in Failure: January 10

2009: Zimbabwe’s central bank announces it will introduce a $20 billion note and a $50 billion note, intended to fight cash shortages caused by hyperinflation officially estimated at 231 million percent. With one U.S. dollar equivalent to approximately ZW$25 billion, a $50 billion note buys just two loaves of bread.

2009: Convicted sex offender Alec Ahsoak comes forward with the winning ticket for Alaska’s $500,000 Lucky Time Pull Tabs jackpot, a lottery whose proceeds benefit Standing Together Against Rape in Anchorage, a nonprofit group that offers support to sexual assault victims. The following day, KTUU-TV in Anchorage reveals that Ahsoak has twice been convicted for sexual abuse of a minor, leading Standing Together’s executive director Nancy Haag to say, “It's not how we envisioned the story going.”

1997: Three-year-old Shelby Lynne Barrackman is strangled to death by her grandfather, David Andrew Douglas, after she licks the icing off a batch of cupcakes. Douglas, a graveyard-shift restaurant dishwasher, later acknowledges that he was intoxicated at the time.

1980: Boston Bruins goaltender Jim Stewart allows three goals in the first four minutes of his NHL debut, and gives up a total of five goals in the first period before being replaced. He never plays in the NHL again.

1971: The final issue of the weekly Saturday Evening Post hits the newsstands after 150 years of publication. The magazine is later re-launched as a bi-monthly.