This Day in Failure: January 1

2011: The University of Pittsburgh fires head football coach Mike Haywood, 46, just 24 hours after he was jailed on a charge of assaulting the mother of his 21-month-old child, and just 16 days after signing a five-year contract believed to be worth $1 million a year. At the announcement of his hiring, Haywood promised to teach his players to “be men of values, to be men of trust, to be men of integrity.”

2011: An engine on a Kogalymavia Tu-154 passenger jet carrying 124 people catches fire as the plane taxis down a runway in Surgut (Siberia). The plane subsequently explodes, killing three passengers and injuring 43, including six who were badly burned.

2009: A fire and subsequent stampede leaves 58 people dead and more than 100 injured at Bangkok’s upscale Santika nightclub. The blaze starts near a stage where fireworks were utilized for a special performance, this being the club’s closing night. Ironically, the venue’s Web site billed the New Year’s Party as “Goodbye Santika.”

2000: The Y2K bug fails to strike.

1962: The Beatles audition for Decca Records, only to be rejected because the record label feels that guitar groups are “on the way out.”

1929: Roy “Wrong Way” Riegels, center for the California Golden Bears, picks up a fumble in the 1929 Rose Bowl against the Georgia Tech Yellowjackets and runs 70 yards back towards his own end zone, eventually getting tackled at his own 1-yard-line. California’s next play results in a safety, crucial points the Yellowjackets need to eke out an 8-7 win.