This Day in Failure: February 7

2020: The United States announces it is sending 17.8 tons of medical supplies to China—including masks, gowns and other protective gear—even as U.S. President Donald Trump dismisses the threat posed to his own people by COVID-19. Within weeks the country faces a desperate shortage of masks, gowns and other medical supplies, as the U.S. becomes the world leader in terms of confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths.

2011: The Cleveland Cavaliers lose their 25th consecutive game—a 99-96 defeat at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks 99-96—setting an NBA record for most consecutive losses.

2009: Jennifer Figge, 56, of Aspen, Colorado, reports swimming across the Atlantic Ocean over the course of 25 days, ostensibly making her the first woman to accomplish this feat. It turns out that Figge swam only a small fraction of the 2,100 mile journey, spending most of the trip aboard her crew’s catamaran. The hoax is exposed after suspicious media types note that it’s simply not feasible to swim 80 miles per day for 25 days.

1990: Lisa Leslie, a 6-5 senior center at Morningside High School (Inglewood, California), scores 101 points during the first half of a game against South Torrence High as her team opens up a 77-point lead. Demoralized, South Torrence quits and goes home at halftime, denying Leslie—a future WNBA star—the chance to break Cheryl Miller’s national prep record of 105 points. “I asked the coach ... if they would let me score three more baskets,” says Leslie after-the-fact. “He asked his team and they said no.”

1904: The most destructive fire in the U.S. since the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 occurs in Baltimore, Maryland. More than 2,500 buildings in the business district are damaged or destroyed, causing an estimated $80 million in damage.