This Day in Failure: February 3

2005: World Cup-winning American ski racer Bode Miller loses a ski 16 seconds into a downhill race at Bormio, Italy, but draws cheers from spectators as he continues down the course on one leg—even dropping into a tuck position on occasion—before toppling over just short of the finish line. This one ski run is already considered one of the most memorable runs in skiing history.

1998: A U.S. Marine EA-6B Prowler surveillance plane flying through Italy's Dolomites mountains severs cable car wires in the ski resort of Cavalese, sending a cable car plunging to the ground. All 20 passengers are killed.

1959: Now referred to as “the day the music died,” a chartered Beech Bonanza en route from Clear Lake, Iowa, to Fargo, North Dakota, crashes in an Iowa field, killing Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. Richardson (aka “The Big Bopper").