This Day in Failure: February 17

2010: The 188-foot tall ship Concordia, a sail training vessel with a steel hull, sinks off the coast of Brazil after it heels over in rough seas and high winds. All sixty-four people aboard—forty-eight students, eight teachers, and eight crew members—are rescued over the course of forty-one hours.

2009: Rolling Stone magazine reports that the cover art for the long-awaited Guitar Hero: Metallica, misspells the name of guest act Lynyrd Skynyrd, dropping a “y” and thus re-christening the band “Lynyrd Skynrd.”

2008: The USDA recalls 143 million pounds of beef produced at a Westland/Hallmark slaughterhouse in Chico, California, due to “clear violations” of federal regulations. Among other things, cattle that had passed pre-slaughter inspections but then lost the ability to walk were slaughtered without being re-examined for chronic illness.

2006: With an insurmountable lead in the women's snowboardcross final at the 2006 Winter Olympics, American Lindsey Jacobellis, 20, performs an unnecessary trick (a backside method grab) on the second-to-last jump, loses her edge and tumbles to the snow. Tanja Frieden of Switzerland races past Jacobellis to capture the gold medal.

2003: A stampede at the Epitome Chicago nightclub and its upstairs dance floor E2 kills 21 people and injures more than 50 others.

1988: A 12-year-old Mötley Crüe fan sets his legs on fire while attempting to imitate a stunt depicted in the band's “Live Wire” video. He suffers burns over ten percent of his body.