This Day in Failure: February 12

Donald Trump Inauguration Poster Typo
Donald Trump's official inauguration portrait

2017: The Library of Congress removes an official inauguration portrait of President Donald Trump from its Web site after social media users point out a typo on the poster, part of a quote which the library says “captures the essence of Donald Trump’s campaign.” 

“No dream is too big, no challenge is to [sic] great. Nothing we want for the future is beyond our reach,” reads the quote on the poster.

2010: Georgian luger Nodar Kumaritashvili is fatally injured during his final Olympic training run at Whistler Sliding Centre when he loses control on the final turn of the course and is thrown clear of the track, striking an unprotected steel pole. The accident occurs just hours before the opening ceremonies in Vancouver.

2009: A Colgan Air Bombardier Dash 8-Q400 (d.b.a. Continental Connection flight 3407) crashes on approach to Buffalo-Niagara International Airport in Buffalo, New York. Four flight crew and 45 passengers are fatally injured and one person is killed on the ground. A mere three months later the National Transportation Safety Board holds a public meeting with all four board members present, perhaps to underscore the seriousness of their safety concerns relating to the accident. Most disquieting is the record of pilot Marvin Renslow, who failed several training tests before and after being hired by Colgan.

1935: The dirigible Macon, sister ship of the Akron, crashes into the sea off the coast of California after being adversely impacted by severe weather.

1907: The steamer Larchmont collides with a schooner off of New England’s Block Island, resulting in the deaths of more than 300 people.