This Day in Failure: February 10

2020: “The virus we’re talking about … a lot of people think that goes away in April, with the heat.”
—U.S. president Donald Trump, seeking to downplay the threat of COVID-19

2009: American freestyle motocross racer Jeremy Lusk, 24, dies of head injuries suffered three days earlier during a competition in Costa Rica when he failed to complete a full rotation while attempting a Hart Attack backflip and slammed headfirst into the dirt.

2009: Two satellites, an out-of-service Russian satellite and an American one owned by a consortium headed by Motorola, collide at a speed of six miles per second some 500 miles above Siberia. Major Regina Winchester of U.S. Strategic Command, says, “Space is getting pretty crowded. The fact that this hasn’t happened before—maybe we were getting a little bit lucky.”

1999: BPI Communications announces it is suspending publication of Musician magazine due to declining circulation and lack of ad sales.

1996: IBM’s Deep Blue chess computer wins the first game of a six-game match against the world's reigning champion grandmaster, Gary Kasparov, marking the first time a computer defeats the top human player in a championship match.

1933: Primo Carnera KO’s Ernie Schaaf in round 13 of a heavyweight bout at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Schaaf dies as a result of the punch.