This Day in Failure: December 7

2008: Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola directs an obscene gesture towards Detroit fans who had been heckling him during the Lions’ 20-16 home loss to the Minnesota Vikings, the 20th defeat in the club’s last 21 games. Later, Raiola shows no remorse, claiming the hecklers at Ford Field are particularly hard on him because he’s been with the team since 2001, when the Lions began the NFL’s worst eight-season stretch in more than a half-century.

2008: After Rafael Sarria, 27, jumps out of a skydiving plane over Homestead, Florida, his partially deployed parachute catches on the Cessna’s rear flaps. Sarria struggles to disentangle himself, then plunges more than 10,000 feet to the ground, landing in an avocado grove. Miraculously, he survives the fall, suffering only cuts and bruises.

1941: Planes from six Japanese aircraft carriers launch a surprise bombing attack on Pearl Harbor and its airfield, destroying a large portion of the U.S. Navy’s fleet and killing 2,400 Americans. The following day the United States declares war on Japan.