This Day in Failure: December 25

2005: The world famous cinnamon bun (aka Nun Bun) that bears a striking resemblance to Mother Teresa is stolen from the Nashville coffee house, Bongo Java, where it had been displayed for the previous 10 years. The owner, Bob Bernstein, believes that the thief was angry over the shop displaying the bun. A jar of money next to it was not stolen.

2000: A fire kills 309 revelers at a disco party in the Chinese city of Luoyang. The victims are packed into a dimly-lit dance hall on the fourth floor of a department store, which had been declared a safety hazard just one week earlier.

1974: Fashion model Sandra Zahler is beaten to death by her boyfriend in her apartment in Kew Gardens, Queens, a stone’s throw from where Kitty Genovese was stabbed to death by Winston Moseley ten years earlier. Much like the Genovese case, Zahler’s cries were heard by a neighbor but no one called 911 or knocked on her door.

1973: The ARPANET, a precursor to the Internet that connected universities and research institutions throughout the country, suffers a complete crash. The cause is identified as a hardware bug that directs all the messages on the network to the Harvard University server.