This Day in Failure: December 13

2006: The state of Florida successfully executes Angel Diaz—condemned for the 1979 shooting death of Joseph Nagy, a topless bar manager in Miami—but only after administering a second dose of the three-drug cocktail that is used to kill via lethal injection. Diaz is seen wincing and shuddering before finally expiring after 34 minutes, staying alive approximately three times as long as is typical. The apparently botched execution leads Gov. Jeb Bush to call for an investigation, and Florida suspends executions until July 1, 2008, when Mark Dean Schwab is executed using a revised lethal injection procedure.

2001: Notre Dame head football coach George O’Leary resigns just days into his tenure after admitting misrepresentations on his résumé concerning both his academic and athletic background. Notre Dame University had paid Georgia Tech University $1.5 million for the right to hire O’Leary away from Georgia Tech.

1978: The Susan B. Anthony dollar—the coin that would become the most unpopular piece of currency in American history—goes into production at the U.S. Mint. The lessons learned from the SBA fiasco are later applied to the development of the Golden Dollar.