This Day in Failure: August 8

Michael King Nyj
Can you find Michael King? (He's the tiny speck of white on the field between the center and the right tackle.)

2010: Tiger Woods shoots a 77 to close out the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational at an 18-over-par 298, finishing the tournament tied for 78th place (two errant shots from dead last), making this the worst performance of his career.

2009: A Piper PA-32 collides with a Eurocopter AS 350 over the Hudson River between Manhattan and Hoboken, New Jersey. The helicopter, owned by Liberty Tours, is on a sightseeing excursion when the accident occurs. Nine people are killed, including five Italian tourists.

2008: American boxer Gary Russell Jr., 20, collapses and falls unconscious after running in hot, muggy Beijing while wearing a vinyl jacket, part of his futile attempt to “make weight” in the bantamweight division at the Summer Olympics. As a result, Russell misses the weigh-in and is disqualified from the Olympic boxing competition.

2005: Due to a bug in the highly-realistic Madden NFL ’06 video game, New York Jets offensive lineman Michael King (6'6'', 298 pounds) is rendered a Lilliputian seven inches tall. “You can barely see him on the field,” says Madden producer, Phil Frazier. “He’s a tiny little guy.”

1974: President Richard M. Nixon resigns in the wake of the Watergate scandal, becoming the first president in American history to resign.

1963: In a heist known as “The Great Train Robbery,” sixteen men descend on a mail train in Buckinghamshire, England, escaping with £2.5 million ($6 million). Over the course of the next several months, 12 of the perpetrators are caught, but most of the money is never recovered. One of the men convicted, Ronald Biggs, escapes from prison and flees to Brazil, where he is able to taunt British authorities without fear of extradition.